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Hooks + Requests 👨‍🔧

There is no single right answer for handling requests with React hooks. After a year of experience with hooks, I have come up with a pretty efficient pattern for that. You can adapt or modify the pattern for your own use.

A Useful Hook 🍭

I like to use Axios for making requests and…

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Create-React-App is maintained by the React’s creator, Facebook and it is one of the most popular boilerplate for React projects. As project grows, the compilation becomes slower and you will want to make a build faster. …

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Why Canceling is Needed? 🔍

When a React component is unmounted, belonging AJAX requests using Fetch/Axios no longer need to be executed. Sometimes, a not canceled request from an unmounted component may trigger some unexpected and unwanted updates.


Above code will try to make a request to url and alert the stringified response data…

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In TypeScript 3.7, there are some interesting new features like optional chaning and nullish coalescing. When I tried to install and configure to try using new features, there were some syntax highlight breaking and my VS Code was not able to detect the new features correctly. …

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I will guide you to make a Node.js app that crawls tweets from Twitter and calculates a keyword’s sentiment analysis trend in last 24 hours. I will make the code to be generic to use any keywords but in the sample code, I will use “Bitcoin” as the keyword.


Node.js came out in 2009 and it has been 10 years already. There has been lots of languages and frameworks and there will be in the future. Hipster engineers prefer newer and cooler stuffs. However, there are still strong reasons to learn Node.js in 2019.

Strong Concurrency

Node.js + Nginx = ❤

Setting up Node.js App with Nginx is ideal for running node app in production. As Express’ performance best practice performance states, letting Nginx to handle cached requests, compressions and serve static files is recommended. Node.js …

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I will describe the way to configure TypeScript unit testing with test coverage. I used TypeScript, Mocha, Chai and Istanbul for setting those up. I will guide you by creating a simple codes, belonging test codes and configurations that work altogether.

Beware that these settings may or may not work…

Jeong Woo Chang

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